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Commercial Interior Design

Sfeerium designs interiors from a personal and original approach. Our working method creates spaces in which the experience, atmosphere, emotional value and the material come together. Creating a 'total experience' that stimulates and enriches the senses, that is important to us! Of a practice room (including; dental practice, physiotherapy practice, general practice, etc), wellness center & spas, health center / health center, care project, clinic, beauty salon, massage salon, hair salon, meditation room and quiet room, yoga studio, bed & breakfast, hotel, resort to offices and shops.

  • Inspiring and distinctive interior concepts

  • An interior that supports well-being

  • Material or product advice that contributes to a harmonious environment

  • An interior that is a new 'experience world' for your staff and customers

Positive environmental elements have a stimulating and inspiring effect, reduce stress and thus promote the mental and physical health of people. An interior that makes a strong contribution to the quality experience and the well-being of your staff and customers. An inviting and harmonious environment ensures a better working atmosphere, job satisfaction, your customers feel at home and ensures a distinctive professional company image with more customer inflow. The influence of colour, ergonomics, application of light, the power of material and form,  natural elements and the routing are all coordinated in the whole, so that an original, supportive and vitalizing interior design for your business space is created.

Interior design for
Beauty | Wellness | Well-being | Practices | health center


Interior design for
Yoga studios & mediation rooms


Interior Design for Hotels & Resorts


Sustainable & Circular Interiors


Realized projects

View a selection of our interior projects on the page 'Commercial Projects' >



At Sfeerium you can choose from several options and packages to make your interior a unique and inspiring whole.

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