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Sfeerium  creates a relation between western views, ancient eastern wisdom and modern technology. This creates a consious, vitalizing  and innovative interior design that leaves a positive experience. Analyzing the sensory perception, a healthy indoor environment, the power of color and form, natural and sustainable materials, influence of light and refreshing design are combined so that the space contributes to the  wellbeing of residents.


Sfeerium loves to provide you with ideas and products to help a healthy sustainable and better world. Whether a single item or a large part of the interior, if you prefer to sustainable and ecological products, Sfeerium will use this into the design. Better for the environment, better for the customer, because the products and materials also contribute to a balanced indoor environment. Using innovative gardens and landscaping, reduction of toxic VOCs in carpets, plywood, paint and furniture. Or, for example fair trade products, recycled materials and full spectrum lamps. Interiors intertwined with nature, with a natural balance to live and work.

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