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  • Do you want to create a harmonious space with sustainable furniture and materials?

  • Are you looking for an interior that is intertwined with nature?

  • Are  Are you looking for healthy and natural materials in your interior that do not emit toxic substances?

  • Are you looking for an inspiring interior that supports the well-being of the users?

If you prefer a sustainable / natural interior, this will be woven into the interior design, be it a single item or a large part of the interior. You can think of, for example, bio-based and circular materials and fair trade products. At Sfeerium, you can choose for a healthy indoor climate through the innovative use of greenery and the reduction of toxic substances in carpets, plywood, paint and furniture. Interiors that are intertwined with nature, to live and work with a natural balance.

Sfeerium creates conscious and interiors in which the experience, energy, atmosphere, emotional value and the material are in harmony. A holistic whole with a connection between Western insights, ancient wisdom and modern technology. In this way, the space contributes to the well-being of the end user. Analyzing the sensory experience of the atmosphere, the effect of color and shape, the influence of light, the use of sustainable materials, bringing nature inside and refreshing design are combined into a powerful whole. Whether it is a single room or many rooms, Sfeerium is happy to help you turn your interior into a unique 'experience'!

Sustainable  |  Natural  |  Circular interiors

Realized projects

Below are a number of our interior projects where natural / sustainable / circular materials and furniture have been used and/or Biophilic design and Healing environment have been applied;


Sfeerium interior design  &  'Healing environment'  / Biophilic design

The terms 'Healing Environment' and 'Biophilic design' are used for spaces that promote the recovery and well-being of people, reduce stress and where the connection with nature is expressed. It is used in clinics, spas, wellness and care centers, but also offices, restaurants and education, etc. The medical world is increasingly aware that body and mind influence each other. The well-being and behavior of people is partly determined by the environment, the sensory experience of the environmental stimuli. A supportive and caring interior ensures that body and mind connect in a positive way and thus has a positive effect on physical and psychological aspects of the human being.

A design interwoven with healing environment and Biophilia characterizes an interior by: nurturing the senses, the use of natural materials, conscious use of color, good air quality, diversity of textures, practical layout, presence of nature in the form of 'nature experience', good acoustics, fragrance experience and optimal use of daylight. These elements are combined in the right way to create a living & working space with a pleasant and human atmosphere, where people feel at ease. Sfeerium is happy to help you create these aspects in your business space!

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Mother nature is our best  teacher
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