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About Sfeerium


Inspiring, personal and sense of harmony, that is the power of Sfeerium. The Amsterdam based company  Sfeerium  was founded by Kim Sietsma. She has gained the past 20 years extensive experience during working for national and international clients in various disciplines: interior design & consultancy, styling concepts, graphic design, interior trends to interior product design.


Sfeerium is always on the move and looking beyond the imagination. Inspired by distant travel, the wealth of nature, and the wondrous mysteries of life.


Sfeerium works free and creative as we are not 'brand' bound. Therefore Sfeerium always gives an independent advice that suits you perfectly. From involvement with the customer, Sfeerium translates the personal story behind the space and users to the interior. In addition to our interior design & consultancy, Sfeerium works with specialists in the field of space clearing and indoor enviroment to offer a total service.

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