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At Sfeerium you can choose from several options to make your interior a unique and inspiring whole. It can be a re-styling to refresh your current interior on a number of points or you can opt for a completely new interior in which your entire home / business space is taken care of. These options can easily be implemented in phases. We will prepare a step-by-step plan for you that is tailored to your wishes and takes your budget and planning into account.

We can provide a non-binding  make a quotation for you so that a package with the corresponding price is custom-made attuned to your project and the corresponding square meters. Below are a few options:


Package 1 -  Re-styling your current interior

Sfeerium can help you re-styling certain parts of your current interior. Different elements are examined in the overall atmosphere, such as the colors and materials, the furniture, lighting, window coverings, wallpaper, plants and other decorations. We ensure that only the necessary changes are made and the right products are purchased to make your interior a new 'experience'!

Package 2 -  Interior 'Total' Design

We create a completely new interior design in which certain areas or your entire home gets a new look. The following components can be included in this extensive interior design:

  •   Color & material advice

  •   Atmosphere & style advice

  •   Room layout and Floor plans

  •   Upholstery & Window Decoration

  •   Floors

  •   Furniture & accessories advice

  •   Design custom furniture

  •   light plan

  •   Home Spa, Wellness design

  •   Energy balance consultation

  •   3d drawings of the spaces, for a good idea of what your interior will eventually look like in practice.


Optional: Realization / Execution  

During the realization / execution of the project, Sfeerium can manage third parties (contractors, furniture makers, painters, etc.) and take care of the order/delivery of the products. We supervise and coordinate the entire project so that you no longer have to worry about it, but you can also choose to carry it out yourself.

Feel free to contact us  for more information.  

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